I found my own voice after 50 years of being guided by survival mindsets that controlled and filtered my life. The primary one was that of being a people pleaser. I was at a breaking point. I had a fabulous life and yet I would have to say that there are huge chunks of time that I was not really happy. In fact, I battled constantly with a voice that kept whispering that suicide was the answer. 

It was after my Mom died that I really became aware that my internal struggles had flowed over into external struggles. I was having knee jerk reactions to people and events and I did not understanding why. I felt like a rocket that was constantly being set off without control or intention. I realized that my reactions came from deep within me and I needed to dig down to make the changes I wanted in my life.

And so I studied to become a Certified Life Coach. As I started some of the basic training I was astonished. It felt like this was the manual to my life. I learned about myself and my process. I learned about my responses and how to change. I learned tools to overcome obstacles. I learned about who I was and who I wanted to become and how to effect change in my own life and teach others as well.

I continued to study and became certified as a business coach and money coach.