Holidays leave you feeling tired, unappreciated, and broke?

Want to greet the new year energized, confident and looking forward to 2023?

Want to discover how to confidently participate this holiday season in a way that honors yourself?

Do you:

  • just survive the holidays
  • stressed and overwhelmed about the holidays
  • feel there is not enough time and/or money for the holidays
  • feel anxious over gift giving and receiving; social functions
  • feel overwhelmed and anxious about how to meet holiday expectations
  • feel family pressure and dysfunction even more intensely
  • feel lonely and isolated even more during the holidays
  • fail to think about what YOU want for the holiday season
  • feel the pressure to get more or better gifts
  • Simply comply with family obligations regardless of your feelings
  • Try to meet everyone’s expectations
  • Overspend to make other feel good
  • Self medicate to feel better or to escape being present
  • Take responsibility for the happiness of others

What if you could:

Define the holidays for you and how you want to celebrate so that you enjoy the holidays 

Set healthy boundaries for yourself

Learn to communicate your boundaries in way that allows acceptance 

Develop a holiday budget so that you do not overspend

Determine which family obligations are important to you and other and make healthy decisions for yourself

Develop self confidence to prioritize your needs and desires for the holidays

Develop tools that allow you to stay present and to be calm during the chaos

Let go of the responsibility for the happiness of others



The Reclaim the Magic of Your Holidays Program is a 3 hour workshop.  

Registration is my gift to you!  



About Martha

Martha Davis Alexander, JD, Mediator, Intuitive Energy Healer, Certified Life, Money, Business, and WHY.os  Discovery Practitioner.

Hi, My name is Martha.   I believe that my success occurs when I contribute to the success of others.  I do this by thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo.  Ultimately, what I bring is a trusting relationship where healing and growth happen in a sacred, safe, judgment free space. 

I spent 50 years of my life being a people pleaser and chameleon.  My whole world was filtered  through the survival mindsets I developed during my parents’ divorce.

I was so desperate for love and acceptance, for people to like me that I stopped focusing on growing into and knowing who I was, and instead simply became who I thought others wanted me to be so that they would like and love me.   

Being a people pleaser created chaos in me – particularly during the holidays.  The shear weight of expectations and pleasing everyone was simply overwhelming.  I was stressed, sad, hurt, resentful and angry. By the time the day of the holiday came, I simply wanted it to be over.  I did not think about what the holidays meant to me, or how I wanted to celebrate.  The holidays were for everyone else.  There was no magic or joy for me in the holidays.  And yet, I yearned for the magic and joy of the holidays everyone else had.

It took me years to figure out the processes and the roadmap to reclaiming my life and the magic of my holidays.     I continue to learn and grow with new ideas, solutions and strategies, and additional tools,  to help others on their journey to reclaiming the magic in their life.

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"Before I started meeting with Martha, I was very much stuck in my ways as a people pleaser. I did everything for other people and very rarely put myself first. Putting myself first and boundaries were a foreign concept to me. With Martha’s guidance, I learned how to set healthy boundaries and I learned so much more about who I am, and what I want in life. I am so grateful to have had her validation and support throughout this journey. After completing my sessions with Martha, I feel grounded and confident in who I am. Of course, there are days that I find myself slipping into old habits of people pleasing, but I’m now able to address them as such, and correct myself with a love and understanding that I never used to have for myself. Martha has taught me how to care for myself in the ways that I have always cared for others, and most importantly she made me believe that I am worthy of such care. I highly recommend working with Martha! She has a true gift when it comes to working through emotional trauma, and she will change your outlook on life, one zoom session at a time!"
Julianne T
Working with Martha has been magical. She has been so inspiring and helpful and an amazing source of strength for me. She’s not just a coach, she’s a mentor and a friend! She challenges me to dig deep and be honest with myself. She encourages me to find my inner warrior to face the things I try so hard to avoid but that we both know I must deal with to continue making great progress. She knows when to be gentle and when to be tough. She does so much more than just listen, talk, advise. She invests her energy in helping me discover how to be the best version of myself!! At the begin of my journey I was in a dark place. With her, I have put in an amazing amount of hard work and today I am able to love myself UNCONDITIONALLY!!! I can give and receive unconditional love.. When I hit bumps in road I don’t even consider giving up, I just look for the lesson and keep pushing forward!! I have learned how to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. I embrace who I am, and I show her off to the world with confidence! I know who my authentic self is, and I am not afraid to let her shine all of the time. My comfort zone has expanded 10-fold!! I am finally out of the damn tunnel!! I made it all the way through it. Yes, I am the one who did the work and I fully give myself credit. It was having her by my side throughout this process that made it possible though. She taught me how to do it. She encouraged me and supported me and helped me to find true truth. I would not have made it this far this fast without her!!
Shannon K
I was unhappy with where my life was headed but I couldn’t quite figure out why. I couldn’t hear my own voice over the din of all of the expectations. I was so buried under “shoulds.” I couldn’t see what I really wanted. Until I met with Martha. Through her down-to-earth, straight-forward approach she created a safe, non-judgmental, space for me to dig in and figure out what I really wanted. It was such a relief to finally cut through the confusion and get clarity. I always leave Martha feeling lighter, grounded, and grateful.
Sheila C

I am proud to announce that I am one of the authors in an Amazon Best Seller Book.

Check out my chapter, Making Ripples: The People Pleaser’s Formula for an Abundant Life