“Martha is my life coach and constant cheerleader. I look forward to our conversations every week because she is one of these rare people that are authentic and real with me on everything, and constantly keeps me laughing and simultaneously crying sometimes (it’s a loving balance.) Since the moment we first came in contact, she has helped me understand where I was being fearful in pursuing my goals and dreams. Martha helped me realize the only person holding me back from them was myself. She has helped me productively self-reflect and gain vast amounts of independence and confidence in the six months that we have worked together:   from being a guide to pushing me outside of my comfort zone, to helping me assess and realize self-limiting language that was subconsciously holding me back, to helping me embody the greatest version of myself and becoming FEARLESS. Since working with her, I have pursued my dreams of teaching yoga and meditation to the public (which I was absolutely terrified to do months ago). I have also gained greater insight and clarity on how to obtain and work towards my goals in a sustainable way that serves myself and the community. She is a healer and life coach that I swear was flown in from my angels themselves. Thank you, Martha for the light that you have brought to my life! I am infinitely grateful for the fearlessness you have helped me realize was always within myself!”

— Hillary H.

“Working with Martha was an extraordinary experience. Honestly, she exudes compassion and authenticity. She astutely narrowed what I thought was complicated and overwhelming to a few actions. I was shocked. I was languishing over this problem for weeks and after talking to her in just a few minutes, I was able to move forward in a direction. I have found that I can rely on Martha to be encouraging, empathetic, and most importantly, present.”
— Sophia N.

Martha is a life coach that truly cuts to the heart of the issue! She uses her powerful intuition, coupled with expert training, to help people gain awareness and make changes in their life. I’ve personally had the pleasure of being coached by her as my colleague, and the personalized exercises she suggested for me were spot on and very helpful. Thank you, Martha, for your care and great coaching!”

— Maria D.

“I was fearful to join the fearless living course. As soon as I read part of the first chapter I gasped because parts of it were so reliable to the debilitating fear I had been feeling for a long time.

I had spent years of sleepless nights, countless times in only what I can describe as anxiety attacks and I now had to face this mess I had got myself in because I couldn’t make the right choice to divorce the people who filled my life with fear.

I was expecting to be thrown off the course at some stages however my coach Martha is a true angel. She persisted to help me through my mental blocks even when I had completely given up on myself. She also helped to drum in essential vocabulary changes that I now gladly use everyday. Instead of commanding myself to ‘must’ do something I now ‘choose’ to do things out of self love and respect. 

After completing the course I have now mentally divorced the people who instill fear in me and believe me they had the biggest destructive control over my life. I know what doesn’t work for me and when Covid has cleared up I’m moving out of an abusive environment.

I can now be my own coach! In fearful moments I sit myself down with my fearless living book and use Martha’s strategies of ploughing through my fear to take me to freedom – and it works wonders!!!

I was extremely fearful to the extent it paralyzed me (I just style it out well) and I wasn’t expecting much from the course but I can describe the experience as life giving. If you want your life as if dying for air take this course. And if you choose to go with Martha you have a fearless companion for life as she is truly patient, caring and supportive. Words don’t give justice to a person who supports you in life when you don’t have many people and Martha is just that. 

This is the most supportive environment I have found to make me fearless and I can only say thank you for to the course creator for being so selfless in her fear to set us all free.”

— Reenal T.
United Kingdom

I was unhappy with where my life was headed but I couldn’t quite figure out why. I couldn’t hear my own voice over the din of all of the expectations. I was so burried under “shoulds.” I couldn’t see what I really wanted.
Until I met with Martha.
Through her down-to-earth, straight-forward approach she created a safe, non-judgmental, space for me to dig in and figure out what I really wanted. It was such a relief to finally cut through the confusion and get clarity.
I always leave Martha feeling lighter, grounded, and grateful.

— Sheila Cina